Notice To Vacate

Obligations of Lessee

All tenants, even those who have reached the end term date of their lease are obligated to the following:
  1. Your notice must be given in writing from Lessee to lessor on or before the first of the month to vacate at the end of the month. Without this notification, rent will be charged in full for the following month, and your recurity deposit will be forfeited towards rent owing.
  2. You must clean the stove, oven, and burners.
  3. You must clean the fridge, unplug it, and leave the door open.
  4. We will give you 24 hours notice either in writing or verbally to show your apartment.
  5. Please close all windows and leave the thermostat at a seasonal level.
  6. Please give your forwarding address to the post office as we can not retrieve mail after you turn in your keys.
  7. All keys received when you moved in are due at the office on the last day of the month that you are vacating. Rent will be charged on a daily basis after the first day of the month for every day the keys are not turned in.
  8. You must leave the apartment in the same condition it was when you first moved in, other that normal wear and tear, including vacuuming, shining the tub, sinks, toilet, etc. You will be charged an hourly rate for the use of our cleaners, should it not be found in the same condition.